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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Sydney

At Pitt St Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney CBD, laser hair removal is done with LightSheer Duet by Lumenis USA. LightSheer Duet reduces treatment time by up to 75% and eliminates need for topical anaesthetic or messy gel. This enables us to offer you affordable hair removal using safe and proven technology.

Hair removal facts:

  • Hair removal with laser is usually not permanent, and maintenance sessions may be required.
  • In general, 4-6 treatments 4-8 weeks apart are required to achieve permanent hair growth reduction.
  • Darker hair responds best to laser hair removal.
  • About 10-25% reduction in hair growth can be expected with each treatment.

Our laser hair removal is performed by our registered nurse, under the direct supervision of Dr Kim.

We encourage you to beware of informal walk-in clinics in sydney, and other beauty salons offering cheap hair removal using IPL by unqualified beauty therapists. IPL (“Intense Pulsed Light”) is not used at Pitt St Cosmetic Clinic, as it is not specific for hair removal.

Enquire now for our great package deals!

Laser Hair Removal Price                                                                                                                                                                                            
(Per session, including GST)                                                                                      
 Chin only $75
 Upper lip only $75
 Chin and upper lip $120
 Between brows only $75
 Brow shaping including between brows $90
 Side burns $90
 Full face $120
 Neck front (from chin to base of neck) $120
 Full face and neck front $180 
 Neck back (from hair line to base of neck) $120
 Neck (front and back) $180
 Full back (from top of buttocks to base of neck) $180
 Full back including shoulders, neck, top of arms  $220
 Chest (from collar bone to bottom rib) $120
 Chest + abdomen (from collar bone to pubic bone) $180
 Abdomen only $120
 Snail trail $75
 Nipples only $75
 Buttocks only $120
 Bikini line (along only) $75
 Brazilian (all of groin through to up to 1/2 buttocks) $120
 Brazilian with full buttocks $180
 Underarms $75
 Forearms (wrist to elbow) $90
 Full arms (including underarms) $150
 Lower legs (from top of knees to ankles) $120
 Upper legs and bikini line $120
 Full legs (from bikini line to ankles)  $180
 Full legs and Brazilian $240